Thanet Volunteer Bureau

The Thanet Volunteer Bureau promotes volunteering in Thanet. A major part of its work is matching up volunteers with organisations that need them.  One of several ways that it does this is listing the organisations and their volunteering opportunities on its website.

I created a new database of volunteers and opportunities for the TVB, linked it to their website, and revamped the Search Volunteer Opportunities page, making it easier for users to find relevant opportunities. I also added a new page where users could see the locations of opportunities on a map.

The volunteer and opportunity databases take the form of off-line Excel spreadsheet files. This gives great flexibility to TVB staff, who are familiar with Excel and can make use of the many features that Excel provides as standard. I added additional custom features by means of VBA macros, including:

  • Data entry forms, which make it easier for staff to view, create and edit records.
  • One-click backing up of the database.
  • Importing data from a web form that volunteers fill in when they register with TVB, and from one that organisations fill in when they add details of new opportunities.
  • Exporting opportunity data to the website to be shown on the Search page, the Maps page, and in individual opportunity descriptions.
  • Acquiring map coordinates from Google Geocoding for use with the Maps page.

Some views of the opportunities database file...

You can download a demo version of the database file, to view in Excel.

(Made available with kind permission of TVB. All confidential data removed.)