Excel EasyForm

EasyForm is an Excel add-in that I've developed for easily adding data entry forms to Excel files.

Why use data entry forms?

Sometimes you may use Excel to maintain a database, such as a list of clients. In this situation each row of the spreadsheet constitutes one record, one client's data. If each record has many fields (name, address, date of birth, etc) this may make for very long rows. In such cases, it's much easier to enter, read and edit a record if it can be displayed as a vertical column of fields in a form, like the sort of data entry form that you often encounter on the web.


Data entry form


What sorts of forms are available?

Excel has two standard ways of producing data entry forms: the built-in Data Form and programmed User Forms. The first is available automatically, but is inflexible and has some significant limitations. The second is enormously flexible, but requires significant work to set up, including some programming. My EasyForm is a middle way: more powerful than a Data Form and much easier to create than a User Form.

To see an example of a file with an EasyForm already baked in, please download the TVB demo file. Just select a record in the "Data" tab, and then switch to the "Form" tab to edit it.

I can use my EasyForm Add-in to quickly add such a form to your Excel files. In the future I hope to make a version available for you to download and use for yourself.